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Even in even areas best known for their summer storms, the heart of winter can be a peak period for roof damage and other roof related issues. Many of these issues are avoidable, however, and many Panama City roofing companies recommend winterizing a roof annually. An important point of caution is that roof work is often hindered during winter, and those delays can often lead to repair costs that are bigger than normal.

Winterizing should start at the end of autumn once all of the leaves and dead branches have fallen from their trees. A homeowner should start by performing a cursory inspection of the roof from the ground using a pair of binoculars. Look for large debris piles, such as piles of pine straw and large branches that have fallen onto the roof. It may be possible to knock those items off the roof using a garden hose. Otherwise, the task may require a ladder and stepping onto the roof. Homeowners who do not feel safe doing so should contact a professional roofer to handle the job.

Using the binoculars, scan the entire roof. Look for staining, which can indicate algae, mold or mildew. Examine shingles to ensure that none are broken, torn or missing. Note any indentations or dark spots that may actually be dents. This kind of potential damage can be difficult to see due to lighting or the slope of the roof, and it may be necessary to view the roof from multiple angles in order to ensure that that this type of damage does not exist.

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The homeowner should also examine all flashing, including metal flashing as well as rubber boots.

The next step is to clean out the gutters. Ensure that all gutters are clear and that all downspouts are unclogged. During this process, inspect the fascia board, also called the gutter board, which is the wood board that the gutter is usually attached to. This board can rot easily, and homeowners should respond to any signs of damage by having the board replaced immediately. While inspecting the board, inspect the edge of all shingles, the underside and the point where the shingle meets the roof.

If homeowners find that their gutters are difficult to clean or require frequent cleaning, then it may be wise to have gutter guards installed. Gutter guards are an excellent investment, particularly for homes with many trees on the property, because they prevent gutter blockages. Water backup can eventually compromise fascia boards and eventually nearby shingles and underlayment. Keep in mind that even with gutter guards installed, some light gutter cleaning and maintenance is required.

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