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Panama City Roofing: Article About Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Makes Sense

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There is an old saying in the roofing industry: The roof accounts for 10 percent of the construction cost for a new building, but 90 percent of its problems down the road.

Successful facility managers know that you cannot forget about roof maintenance. Taking an out of sight, out of mind approach can lead to premature roof failure and huge collateral expenses. Regular maintenance of the fifth wall is crucial.

Panama City Roofing specialists offer commercial maintenance programs that can save facility managers and business owners a significant amount of money over time.

When a roof fails, there is not just the cost of replacing a new roof to consider. There is a long roster of collateral expenses due to a leaking roof. Consider the cost of replacing water damaged furnishings and fixtures, and the huge expense of replacing damaged merchandise and electrical equipment. There are also air quality issues and the cost of possible legal claims due to slip and fall accidents when you have a roof that leaks.

Without a regular maintenance plan in place, a building owner won't know a roof is in trouble until it's too late.

Top sources of roof damage are long-term exposure to the sun and water. Expansion and contraction due to freezing and thawing will also damage a roof.

A roofing professional from Art Construction of Panama City FL would be happy to answer any question you have about doors or commercial roofing.

Structural movement such as the settling of a building can lead to roof damage. Biological growths, such as algae from standing water, can lead to trouble when a small problem is not fixed promptly. A small puncture can lead to extensive damage.

Regular maintenance twice a year in the spring and fall is what is typically recommended.

During a scheduled maintenance inspection, a roofing technician will check for signs of leaking on the interior and exterior walls as well as the ceiling. They will look for deterioration on the roof edge and fascia.

Expansion joints will be checked for expansion or leaking. The technician will inspect around HVAC equipment for a proper seal. The drainage system will be checked and cleared of any clogs to ensure it is working properly. The roof coating will be inspected and recoated if necessary. Ballast will be redistributed to any bare spots. The technician will also check the attachments of base flashing and adjust if necessary; check all metal and recaulk as needed; and inspect for any standing water, soft areas or damage from vandalism.

Catching any problems early with routine roof maintenance can nearly double the life span of a roof.

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