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Panama City Roofing: Article About Understanding Metal Roof Materials

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Metal roofs used to be relegated to basic corrugated sheets added to industrial buildings and sheds. Manufacturers have changed the standard metal roofing material and made it more aesthetically pleasing. When a Panama City roofing professional estimates a new roof renovation, they can show homeowners just how valuable and beautiful metal roofs can appear.

A major concern with residents is noise issues. When heavy rains or hail strike a metal roof, homeowners believe the sound will be incredibly loud. With a proper installation, metal roofs actually insulate this sound. Any roofing material will have some noise during extreme weather, but metal doesn't rise above the rest in volume. Contractors may have a sample metal roof section to create rainy conditions for residents so they can hear the volume in real life before an installation.

If homeowners have an asphalt shingle roof, it's possible to install the metal without removing any old materials. This concept reduces installation costs significantly in the labor department. Removing old shingles takes substantial time and manpower that the homeowner normally pays for along with the actual installation. However, every property is unique. It's critical to have a personalized roof evaluation to cover all removal and installation options.

For homes near fire-prone areas, metal roofs offer a level of fire resistance compared to other materials.

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Sparks and fire cannot ignite the material, allowing the home to avoid some heat damage. Homeowners may believe this fire-resistance feature contributes to a hot interior during the summer, but modern metal tiles actually reflect some sunlight. The home can have a more moderate temperature throughout the seasons compared to other roofing materials.

Metal is known for its weight, so contractors must inspect and calculate a structure's load capacity for the potential installation. They may walk on the roof and measure every inch, including attic visits to inspect support beams. Professionals may even bring in structural engineers to perform more weight calculations. The home must be verified as strong enough for the metal tiles before any work begins on the property.

From surveying a structure's load capacity to using the right clip configuration during the project, a metal roof installation is complex and reserved for a professional's expertise. Homeowners benefit with a roof that can last up to 60 years with the right maintenance. Visitors may not even notice the new roof is metal from the ground, but homeowners will bask in the confidence of a long-lasting roof renovation.

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