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Good insulation can be the deciding factor in how much energy a house uses. Old, thin or compacted insulation isn't very efficient and leads to higher utility costs. Whether the heat is soaring or temperatures are dropping, homeowners should consider replacing their insulation and updating it with a more energy efficient type. If they have any questions about the type best suited to their home, they should consult with their Panama City Roofing contractors for advice.

Batt insulation is the most commonly installed type of insulation. It's great for small budgets, and it's best suited for interior walls. It's typically made with fiberglass, but homeowners can also choose mineral wool insulation that's made with at least 45 percent recycled materials. Fiberglass is great for homes that need more insulation in barren spots, particularly around windows and doors. Properly installed fiberglass insulation doesn't settle, meaning it can be used for longer periods without decreasing in efficiency. It doesn't absorb or retain moisture, reducing mold growth. It's naturally fire resistant, so there's no need to treat it with any flame retardant chemicals. Homes that are located off of busy roadways will find that fiberglass helps reduce outside noise as well.

Spray foam insulation is becoming increasingly popular because of its superior energy saving abilities.

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The foam cuts monthly utility costs by about 50 percent, so the higher upfront costs quickly pay for themselves in reduced monthly utilities. It seals even the tightest spots because the spray can be customized to fit anywhere. Foam insulation creates such a tight seal that it's beneficial to families with allergies because it reduces how many allergens are able to enter the home. Since it can't be stripped down, it isn't appealing to rodents as it doesn't make good nest lining. It does need to be installed by a trained professional, though, and isn't possible to install as a DIY project.

Loose fill installation is typically made with waste paper that has been pulverized into small particles. Chemicals are added to the particles to repel pests and increase its ability to resist fire. There's also fiberglass loose fill insulation that's made with 20 percent recycled glass. It's best installed in areas that are irregular in shape, around plumbing, and in areas that are difficult to reach. Every form of loose fill is affordable, but none should be installed in areas that are prone to heavy moisture. Loose fill in humid areas should be treated with a vapor retardant to ward off potential mold and mildew problems.

With so many types of insulation on the market, this home necessity is easily customized to a home's specific needs. Careful consideration of what type to install will ensure this investment lasts for a very long time.

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