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Homeowners rarely inspect their roofs on a routine basis. Being well aware of the warning signs of minor roofing damage can save a lot of money in the long run, however. While minor roofing repairs can do the trick at times, there is no getting around the end of the lifespan of any roof. Keeping a closer eye on certain signs of aging as the roof gets older can also prevent extensive damage to the interior of a home.

Conscientious homeowners will have a Panama City roofing professional inspect the roof on a regular basis. It is recommended that these inspections take place biannually in the fall and spring. Inspections should occur first and foremost in the attic. The attic will show the first indications of interior leaking. Water damage is primarily caused by leaks. Dark spots will appear where dried water has entered the attic area. Looking at the roof deck for sagging areas also can reveal a collection of water under shingles.

The exterior of the home is also important when deciding whether the roof may need repair or replacement. The roofline will show curled shingles, missing shingles or tiles as well as cracked roofing materials. These should be very easy to spot. Algae and rot also tend to grow in areas with high humidity.

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The vents will also tend to show wear and tear easily, and the base of the chimney also allows for water damage. If not properly sealed, moisture can seep under the top layer of roofing materials such as shingles or tiles.

Inspecting the roof can, in addition, involve looking at the gutter system. As shingles degrade over time, granules will wash down into the gutters. Keeping the gutters free of debris is very important for proper draining. Without a clear path, which includes the gutter and downspouts, water can back up and find its way under shingles and into interiors. This causes warping of shingles and leaking.

While roofing problems are not pleasant to deal with, uncovering them before they become damaging is the best option. If a roof is not nearing the end of its life, roof leaks and problem areas may simply be repaired. Contacting a professional roofing contractor is the best course of action. Repairing a roof is far less expensive than starting over from scratch. However, in the event that a new roof is necessary, many options can save money and add value to the property. Consider, additionally, the climate and architectural style that is popular for property in the area.

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