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Panama City Roofing: Article About The Beauty and Benefits Of Stucco

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Stucco has been around for centuries, providing homes with a relatively low maintenance siding option that's both beautiful and energy efficient. For homeowners who are debating between traditional vinyl siding or stucco, a few features should be considered. If they can't come to a decision, homeowners should consult with a Panama City roofing company for detailed advice.

Stucco is made up of a few different materials. Typically, it consists of lime, cement and silica. It's applied in several layers over metal or wood lath, and these layers are what make stucco so energy efficient. Stucco is an excellent choice for both hot and cold climates, but it's more commonly found in warmer regions because of its innate ability to keep the home cool in the summer. People in warm climates find they run their air conditioning much less when they have a stucco home, and it holds the heat quite well when the weather gets cool. It's also good for homes located off busy highways or crowded suburban areas because it blocks out sound.

Homes situated in areas prone to wildfires learn that stucco is naturally fire retardant, and many homes have actually been saved from fire because of their stucco exterior. This natural fire resistance also means that mold and mildew have a hard time growing on stucco, making this an ideal choice for areas that are extremely humid.

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Well maintained stucco has a lifespan of at least 50 years. This helps offset the cost of installation, which can be more than typical siding options like vinyl or aluminum. The multiple layers of material that have to be applied account for the higher labor costs. Installation is fairly quick and allows for easy customization of the color and overall finish of the stucco. Average installation only takes about two days, and it can be applied to wood frame homes or concrete masonry. The color of stucco can be customized by the homeowner whereas other types of siding are limited to what the manufacturer creates. Customers with historic or architecturally intricate homes will notice that stucco helps bring their unique woodwork and details to life because of its simple, clean lines.

Stucco is a relatively timeless look that never seems to go out of style for homeowners in any region. From modern to Southwestern, stucco appeals to people of varying tastes. Homeowners looking for a low maintenance and classic option for their home should consider timeless stucco siding.

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