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Stucco is a great siding choice for homeowners looking for a low maintenance option with great longevity. Its superior insulation qualities and natural fire resistance make it a good choice for most homes. Stucco requires little maintenance, so with very minimal work, homeowners will have stucco that retains its natural beauty. If homeowners have any concerns about the overall maintenance of stucco, they should talk to their Panama City roofing company.

The most frequent maintenance required by stucco is simple cleaning. Dirt and debris collect on the siding and build up over time. To wash it, experts say the best method is to wet the wall from the bottom to the top. Starting at the top gives the water more time to absorb, which drags the dirt into the wall. Homeowners shouldn't ever need to employ the use of a pressure washer to clean their stucco, and improperly used pressure washing can actually damage the siding. Instead, a simple nozzle attached to a hose is enough to do a good cleaning job. The hose shouldn't be aimed too close to the wall to avoid any damage; four to five feet away is a good rule of thumb to follow.

For minor damage, the repairs can be made by the homeowner and generally don't require the services of a professional contractor.

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The most common damage is chipping at the corners of the house. Plaster mortar in powder form can be bought at most hardware stores, and businesses that sell building materials will have colored stucco available. If using the powdered form, just enough water should be included to create a mixture that mimics dough. The mixture is then put into the chip or hole with a small cement trowel, filling the space until it meets the existing plaster. For stucco with a sandy appearance, specific tools called sponge rubber floats can be purchased to match the existing texture.

The dry stucco powder can also be used as a paint. Just enough water should be poured into the powder to make it creamy, and then the mixture can be put onto the building with a fiber brush. For homeowners who want paint specifically made for stucco, the paint can be bought from any stucco manufacturer or even at some lumberyards. Mixing instructions will be specific to the manufacturer.

The low maintenance of stucco makes it a great choice for any home. With its impressive energy efficiency, it's no wonder that its popularity grows with each year.

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