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A gambrel roof is defined as a ridged roof with two slopes on one side, meeting together at a point. These crooked lines create five distinct points, one at each eave, one at the junction of the two slopes and one at the top of the roof. The gambrel term comes from the shape. To many people, it resembles a horse's hind leg, which was once called a gambrel. Because of such agrarian roots, gambrel roofs are commonly chosen to complete barns and rural houses. However, Panama City roofing specialists are slowly beginning to introduce these rooftops to more urban residential areas because of the various advantages that these structures can provide.

Gambrel roofs first rose in popularity because of the way that they could maximize space in the home. They were more than just roofing systems; they provided tremendous attic spaces that could give homeowners more free room than they knew what to do with. With the addition of dormer windows, even more space can become available, resulting in what could be seen as a second floor to the home.

Gambrel roofing systems are also structurally sound. They are capable of handling very large wind loads, thanks to advancements in modern architectural technology. They did not always have such a sturdy reputation, but with better materials available for installation, these roofs became much more adept at handling the elements.

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The sloping design means that snow and rain will never accumulate, and the right materials will ensure that the rooftop does not receive moisture damage.

The appearance of these rooftops is another reason that so many customers are interested in their installation. They are different from other roofing systems because they feature two crooked lines instead of straight ones. This creates a unique visual effect for the home's exterior and one that creative homeowners can further build upon.

Finally, these roofs can be easy to put together. Contractors may vary their methodology, depending on the overall structure, but, for the most part, preparing a gambrel roof does not take as much work as other systems. A traditional roof will use two rafter systems that are attached with a horizontal nailer at the roof's middle. More modern methods can allow a gusset joint to hold the midrafter together, further simplifying the process. For homeowners who have always wanted to enjoy a large amount of upper story room with elegant and rustic style, the gambrel roof can be the perfect choice.

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