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Severe weather events such as tornadoes can occur at any time of the year. These storms bring with them powerful winds, incredible forces, heavy rain, lightning and hail. Although nobody can predict when or where a tornado will occur, homeowners can take preventive actions to protect their residences against damage. Many of these steps are inexpensive projects that a property owner can perform on their own while some of the repairs should be done by Panama City roofing professionals.

Large, thin garage doors are a weak point in the home's exterior and require some extra stability in case a storm comes through the area. Once a tornado's powerful winds are able to bust through the garage door, it is only a matter of seconds until the pressure causes the home's roof and windows to burst as well. When possible, homeowners should use single wide garage doors measuring less than 9 feet in width. The garage door should not have any windows that could shatter. To secure a garage door, homeowners can purchase a vertical bracing system that hooks into the support beams in the ceiling of the garage and into the concrete flooring.

Windstorm products are another way to strengthen a home's facade. A windstorm product is graded by the federal government and certified to be able to withstand the winds of an EF5 tornado, which is the most powerful type of tornado.

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The windstorm products include shutters for windows. Homeowners can close the shutters when a tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service. Other items in these product lines include specialty doors with hollow cores surrounded by steel framing and polyurethane insulation and coatings. These doors can be used as front, side or back doors or as the door of a safe room or underground shelter.

The winds of a tornado cause immense pressure against the side of the roof facing the wind. This in turn exerts significant pressure on the roof and other walls of the structure. Any weak connections such as points where nails have loosened or flashing has come undone will cause the roof to blow right off. Once the home's roof is gone, the walls are left without enough support to withstand further blowing. As a result, the walls will quickly come down too. Galvanized steel hurricane clips can be attached on the exterior of the home between the walls and roofing. These clips are able to withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour.

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