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Panama City Roofing: Article About Signs Of Siding Deterioration

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A home's siding is its first line of defense against the elements. Siding protects homeowners from severe weather while keeping structural elements safe from water damage. While most homeowners don't realize it, siding doesn't last forever. Its exposure to changing temperatures and weather conditions puts it at a constant risk for damage. There are a few ways to tell if it is time for a replacement. By looking out for the obvious signs of decay and deterioration, homeowners will know when to call a Panama City roofing company for replacement.

The most obvious sign that siding needs replacement is deterioration of its finish. Siding can be made from a variety of different materials, all of which have their own special finish and appearance. Depending on the material used, homeowners can usually tell that it isn't looking too great. Vinyl siding will have cracks and bends. Wood siding will have decayed spots and rot. An overall deterioration in appearance is a sign that the siding has lived past its prime.

Homeowners should also keep an eye on the condition of the nails used to fasten the siding to the home. With siding that is in good condition, the nails aren't easy to spot. They are usually hidden to provide a seamless appearance. If nails are starting to show, it means that they are experiencing movement.

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They may also be rusty and halfway popped out. This usually indicates that severe winds have caused the siding to shift. If the nails are rusty, it may indicate a moisture problem. If that is the case, there is likely water damage behind the siding, which could mean that there are bigger issues at hand.

The condition of the caulk is another sign of wear. Caulk is used on the seams of siding. Properly installed siding will appear to be seamless, with the caulk lines evident only upon closer inspection. If the caulk it damaged, it may be time for new siding. Caulk will shrink, crack and fall off over time. This exposes the seams to moisture, which could cause significant structural issues. Homeowners should also take a look at the positioning of the seams. They should be in a straight vertical line. If the seams appear to be off kilter, then they have shifted in the wind.

It is important for homeowners to keep their siding in good condition. It provides the protection homes need while adding to the home's overall curb appeal. By looking out for these signs, homeowners will know when to upgrade their siding.

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