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Sedum roofs and other types of "green roofs" have started to gain popularity with homeowners across the world. Not only are they a beautiful alternative to traditional roofing materials, but they are also good for the environment around the home and the environment in general. To learn more about the kinds of green roofs that can installed on a home, homeowners should seek the professional advice of a Panama City roofing contractor.

A green roof can literally add color to any home. As a charming move away from the dull grays of traditional asphalt shingles, a green roof can be covered in grass and other plants that will grow to provide a beautiful, natural aesthetic to the home with little to no maintenance. One of the great benefits of adding a green roof is that the soil in which the plants grow absorbs plenty of water, which helps improve the drainage around the home and helps keep the plants looking lively.

Another benefit of a sedum roof is that plants make a home and yard more liveable. The plants on the roof work to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is essential for human and animal life. The roof will provide a green area around the house that feels more hospitable to human life, especially in the heart of the city.

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The benefits of green roofing are especially noticeable in the city. Cities are notoriously hotter than the countryside because of the abundance of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Some cities can even be an average of 10 degrees hotter than the surrounding area due to what is called the urban heat island effect. Installing a green roof in the city helps to deter the effect in the area of the roof because the roof absorbs heat and then redistributes it throughout the area. This keeps the building cool. On a large scale, green roofing could have positive temperature effects on entire neighborhoods.

Sedum roofs are low maintenance roofing options, and, unlike other roofs, there are no shingles or loose parts that may be knocked off by high winds. The plants used in the structure experience limited growth, so it is not necessary to trim them or maintain them. However, homeowners should inspect their roofs periodically to check for any damage, as they would with any roofing material. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep a green roof or any other type of roof alive and healthy.

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