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Panama City Roofing: Article About Rooftop Maintenance Tips

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The roof is one of the most important parts of the home. As such, it must be looked after as carefully as possible. Homeowners should perform regular cleaning, inspections and maintenance around their roofs. Cleaning should be done at least twice a year: once in the autumn to prepare the home for the cold weather and once again in the spring to ensure the roof's stability after the snow and ice melts. For guaranteed care and efficiency, it can be a good idea to call Panama City roofing experts to set up a professional maintenance plan with the company. This may even be required, either by the terms of the homeowner's insurance policy or by the warranty of the roof itself.

When keeping up with rooftop maintenance, there are several things to check over, regardless of what primary material the roof is made with. The first step in maintenance is making sure that snow is removed from the rooftop. Heavier layers of snow will place unneeded strain on the home, and removing this from the structure with a snow rake is the best way to ease off the excess weight.

Trees near the roof may overhang and drop fruits, branches and leaves onto its surface.

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Some trees may even fall onto the roof in the event of a storm. Tree limbs can also act as highway for animal pests such as squirrels or raccoons. Trimming the tree's branches or removing the tree entirely may be beneficial for the area.

Birds in the area should also be considered as a problem, as their droppings have a very high acidic content that eat away at the roof's material over time. Droppings can be washed away with a pressure washer or a long handled brush. Birds' nests are also a nuisance due to their ability to block gutters or chimneys. Gutter blockage will cause standing water to accumulate, which may damage the home's gutters or even result in the roof's collapse in the most extreme situations. Homeowners should be sure to wear a mask and gloves to remove the nests in order to prevent potential injury. Installing a chimney cap and gutter covers will prevent birds from nesting in the area in the future.

Fungus, moss and algae can develop along the roof's surface. These sections should be scrubbed off the rooftop with a long handled brush in order to prevent the small organisms from damaging the roof over time. Preventing the growth of these little pests can be as easy as installing metal strips made from copper, lead or zinc.

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