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Panama City Roofing: Article About Roofing Tools Explained

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Several vehicles arrive at a homeowner's property when a roof replacement project begins. Along with transporting all the workers to a project site, these vehicles also deliver most job site tools. Panama City roofing projects require specific tools for safe examination, removal and replacement practices. Homeowners should understand the basic tools being used on their rooftop to further their knowledge about home maintenance.

Roofing tools inherent to job site safety include harnesses and industry shoes. Each company has different harness standards, but any steep roof project must have workers on it with connected safety harnesses. Any falls are quickly caught by the five point system, keeping roofers safe. Soft soled shoes with steel toes are mandatory as well. These shoes protect the rooftop from damage while preventing serious foot damage with steel coverage.

When contractors are hired for a roof replacement project, a lot of materials must be removed from the structure. Certain tools make material removal easier for workers, allowing the replacement portion to begin as soon as possible. Workers use a combination of power and hand tools during removal, including power roof cutters and pry bars. Power cutters sheer roof portions off with accurate cutting edges in order to protect the deck below. Contractors finish up the roof removal process with pry bars that remove all other materials still affixed to the home.

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Using specialized hoists, contractors often place wheelbarrows on the roof to hold removed debris. This tool is critical to job site cleanliness and safety. Shingles, underlayment and nails can be hauled off the structure without filtering to the ground. Yards and patios remain as clean as possible with proper wheelbarrow use. Large dumpsters located in the driveway or on the street will hold the wheelbarrow debris until hauled off at the project's end.

Nail guns remain one of the most important roofing tools because they add fasteners to shingles in rapid repetition. As roofers lay shingles, each one must have up to six nails. Powered nail guns make it possible for an entire roof to be replaced in a few days, depending on worker numbers and weather conditions.

Homeowners will usually hear a low key hum throughout the roofing workday. This hum is generated by an air compressor. Roofers will use this machine to power their nail guns and other pneumatic tools. Adding air power to the tools instead of basic batteries offers the roofers almost limitless operation throughout the day, creating an efficient project from day one.

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