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Roof drains are part of the home's structure that allow liquid precipitation to flow off the roof's surface, through downspouts and away from the building's foundation. Different styles and types of roofs use different kinds of drainage equipment. Before a homeowner decides on what kind of draining system to install, it is important for them to understand the differences between each type. Other considerations for making this decision include the roof load, the roof's slope and local building codes. Panama City roofing services are able to help property owners sort through community requirements for rooftop draining systems to ensure that the proper amount of drainage is achieved.

Homes or garages with a flat roof or a slope of 2 percent or less require a specially designed flat roof drain system. The drains connect to the rain gutters using small diameter pipes. Roofers install the drains with protective covers that allow water to enter but keep out debris such as leaves and sticks.

Another type of drain used on the rooftop of a home is a siphonic roof drain. This kind of drainage unit uses multiple inlets that all connect to a single drain leader.

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The leader then flows into the horizontal rain gutters. These drains work on structures that have a roof with a 3 to 15 percent slope.

Most homes in the eastern half of the United States utilize a simple rain gutter system for draining water off the roof of the house. This system doesn't require that any drain openings be created on the rooftop. The gutters are installed horizontally at the edges of the roof. The water flows down the roof's sides by way of gravity. The water collects in the gutters and is drained into downspouts, which empty a few feet away from the home's foundation or are buried underground and connected to the stormwater drains.

As an alternative to draining the water away from a roof, some homeowners elect to build a green roofing system. This kind of roof is also referred to as a living roof. An extensive green roof consists of shallow layers of soil and short plants such as mosses, grasses or other sorts of groundcover. An intensive green roof requires significant infrastructure due to its weight, but it can also accommodate more water. The plants on this roof are typically taller and may even include edible foods such as fruits, vegetables and berry bushes.

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