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As a roof begins to show its age, it may develop problems such as sagging. A saggy roof is not only an eyesore, but it is suggestive of significant problems that may necessitate repairs or even replacement of the roofing system. Homeowners should arrange for an inspection performed by professionals from Panama City roofing services to determine the cause of the sagging and to develop an action plan for ensuring the safety and structural integrity of the home. Becoming familiar with the causes of a roof sag allows property owners to take action early so that leaks and roof collapse can be avoided.

The primary reason why a roof would sag is due to a problem with the rafters. The rafters are wooden beams that provide the angled sides or slope of the roof from the peak to the intersection with the vertical walls of the house. Problems with the rafters, such as damage caused by wood destroying insects, dry rot, moisture, loosening of the nails or missing nails, may cause the roof to pull away from one or more rafters, resulting in a sag. Loosening of the rafter ties may also cause the sides of the roof to sag.

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Water damage is a major cause of roof sags. Water infiltration into the underlayment, joists or central beam may cause weakening of the entire roofing system. As a result, the infrastructure of the roof is no longer able to support the weight of the plywood, tar paper, shingles or tiles. Water may enter the roof's substructure through cracked or missing flashing, damaged shingles, faulty vent openings or uncapped chimneys or gas pipe flues.

Insufficient interior ventilation may also cause the roof's infrastructure to weaken, leading to sags. The attic area of the home accumulates heat from the home's heating system as well as from exterior sources such as the sun and radiation from nearby pavement. When the heat is unable to escape, it causes warping of the wood. As the wooden parts of the roof's structure warp, sags will become evident from the exterior of the home as well as from the attic area.

Too much weight on the outside of the roof is another reason that roofs sag. During the winter months, homes may accumulate a layer of ice or snow after a storm. Some roofs do not have the strength to handle this heavy load and will sag as the rafters struggle to support the heft of the precipitation.

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