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While fiberglass is often the go to choice for homeowners looking to get new insulation, there are many other materials to look into. Rock wool is a great alternative to fiberglass. Not only does it have better insulating abilities, but it also provides homeowners with a number of additional benefits that don't come with fiberglass. That being said, rock wool is a bit more expensive than fiberglass and harder to come by. It's not always a viable option for homeowners to install this insulation themselves. Homeowners will need to contact a Panama City roofing company for installation. Either way, homeowners can rest assured that rock wool insulation will provide them with the comfort they desire and the added benefits they need.

Rock wool insulation is made from a special type of fiber. To make rock wool, manufacturers heat up stones until they reach a molten state. Essentially, it becomes lava. This lava is then spun to create fine fibers, and the fibers are compacted to form sheets. Rock wool insulation usually comes in batts and rolls. These sheets are incredibly easy to install. Unlike fiberglass, they can be handled with bare hands.

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They are pre measured to fit into studs, rafters and joists. Furthermore, the insulation is sturdy and pliable. In most cases, it doesn't even require fastening.

One of the biggest advantages to rock wool insulation is its fire resistance. The fibers can withstand temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Celsius. The binding agent in the insulation will disintegrate at around 250 degrees Celsius, but the nature of the fibers will keep it together. This helps to protect structural components behind the insulation.

Rock wool is also known for insulating sound. The fibers of the insulation dampen sound waves to reduce noise. Because of this, rock wool insulation is a popular choice in cruise ships and hotels. Homeowners can benefit from this feature by using the insulation in bedrooms. It'll help to keep noise out so that homeowners can get a good night's rest.

Homeowners looking to get a bit more out of their insulation should consider getting rock wool instead of fiberglass. It does a great job at controlling the temperature in a home while providing additional safety features. Furthermore, rock wool insulation is considered a green product. Manufacturers use up to 90 percent recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly. With the help of a professional, homeowners can get high quality insulation to improve their home.

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