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Panama City Roofing: Article About Protecting Doors and Windows From Hurricanes

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Living on the coast has plenty of perks, but with those endless beach days comes the threat of hurricanes. Hurricanes are just a part of life in these regions, so that means homes should be given extra preparation to help avoid as much damage as possible when a storm rolls through. Homeowners who are concerned about their windows and doors but have no idea where to start in preventative maintenance should start with Panama City roofing professionals.

Windows are obviously one of the first things to be damaged in hurricanes. When 155 mph winds are blowing around patio furniture and tree branches, it's inevitable that windows are going to fall victim as soon as the winds pick up. For homeowners who aren't sure if they want to protect their windows, they can be motivated by insurance discounts when they perform hurricane mitigation. If they just want to prevent glass from becoming deadly missiles, hurricane film will keep the glass shards together if there's an impact. If the debris is big enough, though, the entire window frame can cave in, and in that case, the film is ineffective. Plywood is a great last minute option if there's enough time before the winds start swirling. The boards should be at least 5/8th inches thick and be at least 8 inches larger than the window on each side.

A roofing professional from Art Construction of Panama City FL would be happy to answer any question you have about windows or doors.

Storm shutters are fantastic permanent options. They come in roll up or accordion form and can be quickly pulled down to cover the window at the last minute. Some people have aluminum windows installed, but most shutters are made with reinforced fabric or aluminum covered foam. As a final resort, high impact windows can be installed.

Homeowners shouldn't forget to protect their outside doors. Exterior doors with glass should be protected the same way windows are. Hinges and screws should be solidly in place because loose parts can lead to doors buckling. Three hinges instead of two can add more stability, and so can replacing hinge screws with longer screws. Garage doors should be given some care, too. The track should be replaced with a 14 gauge weight track and secured with several screws. It can be braced with two by four boards anchored into the wall, or a kit can be purchased with the materials needed.

Hurricanes will cause damage no matter what, but that damage depends on how much prevention is put into the home. A few hours of work can save a homeowner a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

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