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When hurricane season comes around, many homeowners are nervous about their homes. Will the roof withstand the winds? How much damage will occur? While there's no definitive way to completely protect a roof from hurricanes and their damaging effects, homeowners can take some small preventative steps to reduce the potential damage. If they have any questions, they should always consult with their Panama City roofing professionals.

An inspection is the first step in this prevention. These should be performed by roofing professionals not only for safety reasons, but because these professionals know exactly what to look for. They'll look for shingles that are damaged in any way or even missing and advise how to repair them. The nails will be inspected for proper spacing and to see if they're still solidly in place. The inspector will probably go into the attic to check for any spaces in the roof that could let in water or wind. These inspections are not only important to prevent damage but having a previously damaged roof can make it difficult to make an insurance claim as well.

If all of these things check out, the next step is preventative maintenance. Missing or poorly hammered nails should be replaced or reinstalled. Putting roofing cement on the edges of shingles will help keep the shingles from blowing away in high winds and prevent any water from getting underneath them if they are lifted up.

A roofing professional from Art Construction of Panama City FL would be happy to answer any question you have about residential roofing or commercial roofing.

Some contractors will put a thin line of construction adhesive on the rafters where they connect to the roof itself for some extra stability.

For homeowners who really want extra security, hurricane clips can be installed. These metal clips connect the roof to the walls of the home. They're extra support to help prevent the roof from being lifted off in particularly high winds. They're not too expensive to install, but they can be difficult to install in existing homes because there isn't a lot of space available.

Homes with gable roofs are more likely to become damaged by wind because of their construction. Wooden braces can be attached to the home's rafters to improve the roof's stability. It's recommended to seal the vents at the end of a gable roof in the event of an impending hurricane. This will prevent pressure from building up inside the house and blowing the roof off.

Hurricanes can range from mild to devastating, so the only thing a homeowner can actually control is how well prepared their home is. With the help of a knowledgeable roofing company, a home can be well prepared for the torrential winds of a tropical hurricane.

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