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Panama City Roofing: Article About New Homeowners and Their Roofs

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Many Panama City roofing customers are first time homeowners who do not yet know how to maintain their roofs nor what issues to be aware of. Perhaps the best advice a roofer can give a new homeowner is that it is better to be overly vigilant. After all, overreaction can lead to a small expense, but procrastination can lead to major repair and maintenance bills.

Storm damage is the most common type of damage to area roofs, and whether it is the middle of summer or the middle of winter, it is a good idea to perform a roof inspection from the ground after every storm. Look for obvious signs of damage, such as missing shingles, broken shingles, damaged flashing, indentations in the shingles or flashing and so forth. If the homeowner notices large branches or other large foreign objects or large collections of debris, then those should be removed as soon as it is convenient and safe to do so.

If the roof is a new asphalt roof, homeowners should be aware that blistering might occur. Blistering is essentially bubbles forming due to heating of the asphalt.

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This can be normal during the adjustment process for a new roof because of moisture in the shingle from the manufacturing process. That moisture should dissipate within a hot week or two, but if there is enough moisture that the blisters pop, then that is a manufacturing defect that must be corrected. Blistering should not occur on an established roof, and if it does, then that is an indication of a potentially serious issue.

Another common roof problem is broken, loose or missing shingles. This shingle damage may occur due to a storm, as mentioned above, but it may also occur over time as a result of natural wear and tear. Many new homeowners are surprised to learn that shingle loss is expected, particularly with standard asphalt shingles rather than laminated shingles, and homeowners should expect to replace a handful of roof shingles every several years or so.

Finally, there is the issue of moisture. At its worst, moisture can lead to leaking inside the home, and this can be due to damage to the top roofing layer or to the flashing. Pooling of water on a roof is also a common problem, and both of these issues should be dealt with immediately by a professional roofer in order to avoid the subsequent and more serious damage that can result.

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