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Asphalt shingle roofs have an average life span of approximately 20 years. If a roof is getting on in years, one might wonder whether or not it's time for the roof to be replaced. A twice yearly inspection is the best way to determine when action is needed.

It's recommended to do an inspection of the roof in both the spring and fall. The purpose of this is to check for signs that repairs or full replacement of the roof might be needed. A homeowner can do this visual inspection on his or her own, but if the roof needs repair or replacement, it's best to contact a professional. A Panama City roofing specialist can assess a home's roof and provide professional recommendations.

The roof inspection should start inside of the attic. The first obvious thing to look out for is places where the roof is letting in light from the outside. Anywhere that light can get through will allow water through as well. If there are spaces like that in the roof, it's wise to immediately contact a roofing professional.

In addition to the roof, also look at the walls.

A roofing professional from Art Construction of Panama City FL would be happy to answer any question you have about windows or doors.

Are there any signs of water damage or leaking? This problem needs to be addressed immediately because water will cause significant damage to a home. If there are dark spots, this can be mold caused by excessive moisture getting inside as a result of faulty roofing.

Sagging areas in the ceiling mean the roof will likely need to be replaced. Sags are caused by structural issues due to moisture damage. Sagging can also be caused by outside pressure on the roof such as weight from heavy snow buildup.

Outside of the house, loose shingles on the ground are a red flag that repairs, at the least, are needed. Are the shingles starting to curl and show cracks? This is another indication that a roof may be reaching the end of its life span. If the existing shingles are losing granules, and thus losing their protective value, there will be dark areas on the shingles where the granules have worn off due to wear and tear. There also may be a buildup of granules in the gutters.

Homeowners should check twice a year for signs that their roof is in need of repair and make repairs in a timely fashion in order to avoid needing premature replacement of a roof. For significant deterioration issues, it's best to get an estimate for repairs or replacement from a qualified roofing contractor.

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