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Panama City Roofing: Article About Important Adjacent Roofing Components

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A typical roofing system is more than just underlayment and shingles. When Panama City roofing professionals inspect a property, they look at adjacent components as well. From drip edges to flashing, these roofing accessories allow shingled surfaces to operate leak free for many decades. Contractors must examine all associated roofing parts to truly service a structure properly.

Structural wood doesn't always come to mind when roofing projects are mentioned, but it's critical to a strong rooftop. The home's fascia board protects the soffit and provides an installation area for rain gutters. If this wood is decaying, it cannot support horizontal gutter sections. Roofers inspect and replace this wood before any other major work is completed. When rain gutters sag on decaying wood, cracks and leaks consistently occur, creating the potential for water pooling on roofs.

Homeowners are usually familiar with the metal flashing that covers transition points on the roof. There are other uses for flashing, such those that serve as directional barriers. A roof may have a pitch directing water to flow onto a patio. To direct water into adjacent gutters, roofers install flashing at certain pitched corners. Water striking these corners will flow in a desired direction to preserve the patio or ground below. This flashing must be examined and adjusted over time to maintain a strong barrier.

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The roof's eave is a volatile area where water flows off the edge and into gutters. Roofers must maintain these edges carefully to avoid any water backing up under the shingles and onto decking. Even with a strong underlayment end lap, water can still erode decking at edges in the absence of proper materials protecting the area. Contractors usually install drip edge guards to create a barrier against decking deterioration. Made of metal, these guards provide years of moisture control across the roof's edge.

Air flow may not seem like a critical roofing component, but it contributes to a uniform temperature across the shingles. Even during the heat of summer, air flow through roofing vents allows shingles to stay cool. Contractors verify functional vents at soffits and ridges, removing any obstacles that hinder air flow. Homeowners benefit with a long lasting roof well into several decades.

If homeowners notice roofers ignoring certain components, such as gutter inspection, it's important to ask them about their examination techniques. Questionable contractors might streamline their services to save on labor costs, for example. Reputable roofers will take their time to thoroughly inspect all areas and devise a repair plan to suit homeowners' needs.

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