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Regular roof and rain gutter inspection visits should be scheduled at least twice a year, but there are other times when a Panama City roofing professional is necessary at a property. High winds, hail and heavy downpours can plague almost any region. All this weathering can easily damage gutter systems, creating possible damage at the home's foundation and along landscaping. There are certain steps contractors take to survey a gutter system and determine if any problems exist after a strong storm.

Most gutter systems have some connection points along their lengths. Because horizontal gutters span the length of one structural side, these connection points can crack or pull apart under weathering strain. Contractors begin with a ground level inspection and move their way up to the gutter for a closer look. They may jostle the system slightly to verify all connection points are strong. Any disconnections must be repaired or replaced as necessary.

Although gutters may be physically connected to each other, they could have a bowed or bent look to them. This dip in the gutter length is normally caused by structural detachment. One gutter section is no longer attached to the building, allowing the length to bow downward under its own weight. Debris and water accumulate in this space, requiring an immediate repair for better flow to the ground.

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Even the neatest landscapes create debris, such as branches, twigs and leaves. These items become lodged in gutters and even within downspouts. Professionals inspect all gutter areas and remove the debris. They may even suggest covers for the gutter lengths to reduce blockages. Debris blockages add significant weight to the system and prevent water flow. Severe clogs can even contribute to roofing leaks, making the gutter system an important service item for any concerned homeowner.

From the layman's perspective, gutters appear to be perfectly horizontal, but they are aligned at specific angles. Water must flow downward, so gutters are aligned with a slope to facilitate strong movement. After a storm, professionals check for proper alignment and fix any issues. Even the downspout has a slight angle away from the foundation to prevent puddling.

Contractors must be able to access the roof during a gutter inspection, so clear away any exterior obstructions before they arrive. Prune back any large bushes or move potted plants to provide enough space for inspection and ladder placement. Professionals can see more issues when they are able to inspect every inch of the gutter system.

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