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Homeowners looking to ditch their old, deteriorated siding have a lot of options. Modern siding comes in a variety of materials and styles. Homeowners can choose a siding that looks great while improving the overall protection of the home. Fiber cement siding is a modern take on traditional wooden siding. It has the ability to protect homes from the elements and even acts as secondary form of insulation. Panama City roofing companies can install fiber cement siding on virtually any home. Its many advantages have made it a popular choice for newer homes and siding replacements.

Fiber cement siding is unlike any other siding. It is a mixture of cement, sand and cellulose. Manufacturers usually create the siding in planks, making installation a breeze. One of fiber cement's most popular features is that it can resemble other siding options such as wood and stucco. Fiber cement provides a realistic appearance to that of more expensive siding options at only a fraction of the cost. The imitation siding generally looks great even up close. Fiber cement can also be painted, adding to its versatility. Manufacturers will apply a primer coat and color to the siding prior to shipping. However, homeowners can change the color to whatever they want after installation.

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This type of siding is also incredibly durable and able to withstand tough weather conditions, ensuring that the home is protected. It can also stay intact after high winds and impact from tree branches. With proper maintenance, fiber cement can protect a home for decades. It is known to last upward of 50 years in ideal conditions. Homeowners must provide the siding with regular care, although not as extensive as natural wood siding. Homeowners must paint or reseal the siding to keep it in good condition.

Fiber cement also helps with insulation. The plank's thickness creates an additional barrier for heat to penetrate. Because of the denseness of the material, it is naturally resistant to heat transfer. It will keep warm air inside the home during cooler months while keeping heat out during the summer. Over time, its added insulation will help to reduce monthly energy bills because homeowners won't have to run air conditioners and heaters as often.

Homeowners can benefit from investing in fiber cement siding. It provides great protection and a unique look. With proper care, fiber cement siding will last for many years to come, recouping its cost in no time.

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