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Soffits are an integral component of rafter and attic protection, and they provide comfortable airflow for a home. Most roofs overhang a home's outside walls, and soffits are the fixtures that go between the roof and the wall in order to keep the rafters from being exposed to the elements. Without soffits, bugs, dust and rain may get into an attic, and, when water gets into a roof, it can lead to moisture damage and mold.

Many Panama City roofing services install soffits that have vents to allow air to flow into an attic. In the summer months, it is very important that air is able to flow through a home's roof. When air cannot escape, heated air becomes trapped in a home's attic. This can drive up the costs of cooling a home, and the excessive heat can warp roof tiles. Further, if hot, moist air is stagnant, it can lead to water damaged rafters.

When soffits are installed, it is a good idea to place baffles around where air flows in. Baffles can create a pathway to the top of the rafters for air to flow through, and insulation can be packed around these airways to help prevent temperature fluctuations in the home.

Soffits can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, fiber cement and steel, but the most popular materials are vinyl and aluminum.

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Vinyl and aluminum tend to be the most lightweight and cost effective materials to install.

Vinyl soffits are a great choice for homeowners who are interested in ensuring that their home's exterior matches in color and appearance. These soffits are available in a variety of colors, materials and textures, so they can match or compliment just about any home. Vinyl soffits are also fairly durable and resistant to cracking and chipping. They are also very good at providing insulation.

However, the downside of vinyl soffits is that they may develop mold in humid climates, and they can also fade and discolor or become brittle due to extended exposure to the sun.

Aluminum soffits are more durable than vinyl soffits. They are noncombustible, resist chipping and cracking, and they are water resistant. Aluminum soffits are also a better choice for installing into areas that are variable due to their malleable composition. However, aluminum soffits are more expensive than vinyl ones, and they do not insulate as well.

When determining which type of soffit is best for a home, homeowners should consider their budget and the elements that their soffits may be exposed to.

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