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Cool roofs have been around since ancient times when the Greeks and other Mediterranean communities used them to keep their homes cool in the summer. Images of white painted mud brick houses dotting a hill on the Mediterranean coast are certainly beautiful. However, most people in the United States have shingle roofs that tend to stand out when they're white. Although light colored roofs are the coolest and can reduce summer rooftop temperatures by more than 50 degrees, there are darker shingle options that count toward the federal cool roof rebate. A Panama City roofing contractor should be very familiar with the choices for reflective shingles as well as energy efficient skylights.

The technology that allows darker roofs to reflect solar radiation rather than absorb it, as dark colors normally do, is made possible by the composite structure of a shingle. The outer layer is made mostly of bitumen, which is a pitch black, molasses like substance used for waterproofing and paving. Gravel or sand is added to the bitumen to give it texture and surface friction, and other materials, such as crushed marble and reflective mineral granules, can be mixed in to make it reflective without necessarily being a light color.

On average, cool roof shingles don't cost much more than regular shingles, and federal rebates and reduced utility bills can make them a more cost effective choice for home renovations than regular shingles.

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Asphalt shingles cover about 80 percent of the homes in America. One side effect from the popularity of these shingles is a natural phenomenon called the urban heat island effect. Non reflective asphalt shingles typically reach summer temperatures of 150 degrees, and when all the homes in a neighborhood have these shingles, it raises local outdoor temperatures significantly. Higher outdoor temperatures make air conditioners work harder, particularly in homes with drafty doors, windows and skylights and hot asphalt roofs.

The government offers tax incentives for cool roofs and energy efficient skylights because they reduce carbon emissions as well as the nation's dependence on energy imports. The Environmental Protection Agency created the Energy Star program to recommend energy saving appliances and products such as air conditioners, washing machines and windows. While Energy Star rated windows and skylights typically require a larger upfront investment than inefficient alternatives, homeowners recoup the expense through increased home value and larger tax returns. Utility companies also sometimes reduce rates for customers who install efficient doors, windows and skylights, which lessens the financial burden even more as less overall energy will be used to cool the home.

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