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Panama City Roofing: Article About Baffles and Air Flow

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Homeowners spend a lot of time trying to prevent leaks from forming in their roofs and insulating their attic and rafters to prevent heat from traveling in and out. However, air flow is also very important to an attic. Lack of airflow prevents hot air from leaving an attic in the summer and cold air from leaving in the winter. This can lead to a variety of problems.

Warm air in the summer tends to be humid, so, when it stagnates in an attic, it increases the amount of moisture in the air. If there is no air flow to allow this air and moisture to escape, mold can develop and support structures and rafters may suffer water damage, requiring Panama City roofing services to replace them. Further, when warm air is unable to escape an attic, it can drive up the temperature in a home, causing asphalt tiles to warp, in addition to increasing air conditioning bills.

Air flow in the winter is also important. Along with allowing warmer air to replace frigid air inside an attic, it can also help prevent ice dams from forming due to natural convection.

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However, as important as air flow is, it is essential that it flows in the right directions. If the flow of air is not managed properly, it can end up reducing the efficacy of insulation. One way to manage the flow of air is to use a combination of vented soffits and baffles.

Soffits protect rafters from exposure and are located where a roof overhangs an outside wall. Along with solid soffits, vented soffits allow air to flow through the roofing system and block water from entering an attic.

Baffles are normally made of rigid foam board or cardboard, and they can be used to create channels for air to flow through. Many attics use blown in insulation, so when baffles are installed around areas where air enters the attic, it prevents this type of insulation from being disturbed. This is important because blown in insulation needs to stay packed together in order to do its job correctly.

Baffles can be installed so that air flows up to the rafters, and insulation can be put around these areas. When this is done, it ensures that insulation is able to work efficiently and helps maintain the temperature in the attic. It also allows people to insulate every inch of the attic floor. Without baffles, insulation must be kept clear of ventilated areas.

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