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Much of the maintenance and repair jobs that Panama City roofing companies handle are wind related. Second only to rain, wind is a primary cause of wear and tear on a roof, and when winds are high, there is perhaps no other force more destructive to a roof. Therefore, it is essential that homeowners ensure that their roofs are well maintained and have adequate wind resistance.

Although much focus is put on shingles, the top layer of a roof, an inadequate roof structure can cause many problems as well. Homeowners should note that roof design has come a long way in the last decade. Therefore, people who own older homes should consider hiring a professional to inspect the roof and appraise how well that structure is suited to the local climate. In many cases, a new roof is not required, and a contractor can simply add the necessary bracing to the roof.

When reroofing, homeowners should be careful to install shingles that are appropriate to the area. Homeowners who live in an area where tropical storms are common should invest in higher wind resistance, and architectural shingles may be worth the added cost for reasons beyond aesthetics. Consumers should also pay particular attention to impact resistance. Often, the worst damage caused by wind occurs when an object is lifted by the wind and thrown into or dropped onto the roof.

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Installation is also a crucial component in terms of how well a roof can withstand wind. In high wind areas, stringent specifications exist regarding how shingles are prepared, put in place and nailed down. When hiring a roofing contractor, ensure that they have experience in the region and that they are willing to take the necessary precautions, which may lead to additional labor costs. When the reroofing takes place is also a point of concern. A roof installed in winter may never seal completely, which may be a non issue in some regions but not in those where high winds are a regular occurrence.

Homeowners must be vigilant about their roofs. That means performing inspections regularly and after any storm with moderate or greater winds. Homeowner inspections can be performed from the ground using a pair of binoculars. If homeowners find any signs of wear and tear, then they should enlist the help of a roofing company immediately. Procrastination is the worst thing a homeowner can do and is likely to lead to more substantial damage the next time high winds occur.

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