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Panama City Roofing: Article About Advantages Of The Bonnet Roof

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Homeowners interested in building a new home or replacing features on an existing one should consider a new design for their rooftop. Panama City roofing experts can offer homeowners any variety of roofing installations including style and coverings. One of the most commonly recommended installations is the bonnet roof. This roofing option features several unique advantages that make this style stand out among others for more than its interesting appearance.

Bonnet roofs are identified as a modification of the hip roof. All the sides of the original hip roofs slope down to meet the house's walls, resulting in an even distribution of height and sometimes pitch. Bonnet roofs, on the other hand, are characterized by the two slopes on all sides of the structure. The upper slope is usually much steeper than the bottom one, which is used to cover open faced porches as a design characteristic. It surrounds the building in the same way that a hip roof does, shielding the house from unwanted elements and excess heat. Because the bottom portions of the roof look like a single large eave, bonnet roofs are also called kicked eaves roofs.

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Much like hip roofs, bonnet roofs are excellent options for homeowners who want a sturdy and reliable covering for their home. Its shape guarantees that water and snow will be driven off by the natural pull of gravity, helping to prevent ponding and structural damage in the long term. The protective design also helps these roofs stand out for their wind resistance. Hip roofs are less likely to be ripped off in the event of a hurricane or a strong wind. Gutter installation can also be much simpler because of the rooftop's shape.

These roofs are advantageous in their installation. While they are not a popular roofing option, they are very straightforward and practical. Professionals are familiar with this style of roofing and can guarantee a more affordable installation. However, homeowners should think about their attic space needs before they install this style. While the bonnet roof features more attic space than traditional hip roofs, it may still be limiting, depending on what the individual will be using the for. Generally speaking, these roofs will have less internal space, which can reduce attic storage space and make maintenance difficult. However, if the homeowner is not interested in any extensive projects in the attic, all of the roof's other advantages make this installation a recommended option.

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