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Homeowners installing a roof have plenty of choices from asphalt shingles, rolled roofs and even green, living roofs that can also function as terraces. Asphalt shingles are common, while rolled roofing is typically used for roofs in which appearance does not matter. Speaking with a Miramar Beach roofing professional can help homeowners learn more about roof types.

The most common type of roof is made of composite shingles, also called asphalt shingles. Advantages include the low price, longevity20 to 30 yearsand easy replacement of a shingle. Those roofs are flexible because they do well in most any roofing situation. In the past, consumers could choose from only black or gray, but composite roofs those days can look like slate or wood, among many other options. A building that already has asphalt shingles can have new shingles placed atop the old layer, but too many layers can cause a roof to become overly heavy.

Metal roofing is relatively eco-friendly and looks sleek and cool. Advantages of this type of roof include fire resistance and prevention against termites and other pests. These roofs also help with resale value. Installation is relatively pricey, but metal roofs can be laid down over asphalt roofs. Noise is not an issue, and houses with metal roofs are safe from much possible storm damage.

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Metal roofs can last 30 years, but one downside is that the roofs are difficult to remove.

Rolled roofing is common for outbuildings, sheds and structures for which attractiveness is not a concern. These roofs are like asphalt roofs but much thinner. Rolled roofing is relatively easy to install, and another advantage is that it does well preventing moisture from leaking through. It is also cheaper than asphalt roofing. However, color choices are extremely limited, and the roofs generally do not last more than eight years. Houses that use rolled roofing may also have resale problems.

Slate shingles are genuine stone and expensive to install. Cost factors include the size of the roof, the kind of slate and the contractor. Slate roofs are of high, durable quality because slate is comprised of several layers.

Last but not least is green roofing. The intensive type of green roof can support plants such as small trees, humans, decks and functions as a roof terrace. The extensive type of green roof is not as sturdy and must be used for pitched roofs. Homes must be strong and solid enough to support the weight of a living roof.

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