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Maintaining the roof is one of the most important tasks that a homeowner faces. Without a properly functioning roof, the rest of the home can quickly begin to deteriorate. Homes with roof damage can have many negative effects on the properties on which they're found. For instance, they could pose threats to the occupants within the home, decrease the value of the home's property and ruin the aesthetic appearance of both the interior and exterior of the home.

Roofs that are 15 years or older might begin to show signs of damage. A Miramar Beach roofing company could be able to assist homeowners in repairing their roofs or installing a new one completely. Knowing a few key elements to look for can assist homeowners in knowing when their roofs might be in need of repair. As always, proper maintenance can help homeowners detect any minor issues before they morph into major ones.

Visible buckling is one of the most common signs that a roof is in need of a repair. Impossible to miss, buckling roofs are uneven and may look like they're falling in. They are caused by improper ventilation or installation and in many cases can be repaired if they're caught in time before more damage occurs. Curling might sometimes accommodate buckling, causing shingles to curl upwards.

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When shingles curl upwards, roofs are more susceptible to the elements. Curling can not only be caused by improper ventilation but also by lack of back coating, nails that are too high or insufficient saturation of asphalt felt.

Rotting is perhaps one of the severest signs of roof damage. Rotting on any part of a home indicates damage but especially so on the roof. Rotting occurs when a section of the roof remains wet for a long period of time and can signify serious damage underneath the roof where the water can warp rafters and ceilings. Not only can rotting be seen on the exterior of the roof, but it can also be signified by sagging ceilings on the interior of the home. In cases where there are sagging ceilings inside the home but not apparent rotting on the roof, the problem might lie within an attic if the home has one.

Missing roof granules are another sign that a roof is in need of repair. The older a roof becomes, the more its granules begin to wear away. Once the granules begin wearing away, the roof is left unprotected from harmful elements that could damage it.

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