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Roof vents can play an integral part in a home's air circulation and moisture control. However, many homeowners often do not understand why having properly installed roof vents is so important. There are many myths surrounding this component. Some homeowners believe that roof vents only serve to remove heated air from a home during the winter or, on the opposite end, that the more ventilation a roof has, the better. A homeowner's trusted Miramar Beach roofing experts can assist homeowners with any questions they may have about their roof vents.

One of the biggest myths about roof vents is that they are only needed for homes located in warmer climates. In fact, the opposite is true. Roof vents allow moisture and condensation to escape. If the moisture is not released, damage to the internal structure could occur. Roof vents do also provide advantages for homes located in warmer climates; they help dissipate the heat that can build up in the attic space and reduce the rate of degradation.

Another major myth is that more ventilation is better. Again, this not the case. Roof vents create points where the elements can penetrate the roof.

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A homeowner wants enough vents so that moisture can be released but not so many that the roof becomes vulnerable. In general, the ratio is recommended to be one roof vent for every 300 square feet of ceiling space. However, this is dependent on a number of factors that may include roof design and climate.

A third myth regarding roof vents is that they remove heated air from the home during the winter, meaning that the furnace must work that much harder to keep the home comfortable. If warm air is escaping through the roof, the problem is not with the roof vents but with the insulation. The insulation provides a barrier between the indoor living space and the attic space. If a home is poorly insulated, heated air will escape regardless of whether or not the home has roof vents installed.

Finally, many homeowners believe that, if a home has roof vents, the home is ventilated. There are a number of types of roof vents, and some work better than others for certain homes. Additionally, some types of vents require additional components before they become effective. If the vents are not properly installed, they may not circulate the air at all. Homeowners who do not have roof vents installed or do not know about their roof ventilation system are recommended to contact their local contractor.

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