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Not all homeowner's insurance policies are created the same. When a homeowner applies for a policy, the agent takes into account many factors, one of which is the material comprising the home's roof. Many property owners are surprised to learn that the composition of their roofing system has one of the greatest effects on the terms, conditions and clauses of their insurance coverage. Understanding these differences can help homeowners who are considering the construction or replacement of their roofs through a Miramar Beach roofing service.

An existing home with a high risk roofing material may not be eligible for full replacement cost if the roof was damaged. For example, a home with a wood shingle roof in an area that is prone to wildfires or forest fires would be considered at a high risk of burning. That type of an insurance policy would likely carry a high deductible as well as a high annual premium due to the increased level of burning risk.

Asphalt shingles wear out the fastest out of all types of roofing materials. They are also the easiest to damage in the event of heavy winds or a hailstorm.

The roofing experts at Art Construction of Miramar Beach FL can assist you with any questions regarding windows or insulation.

Because of this, this sort of a roofing system may generate a low payout amount when a claim is filed by the homeowner. In contrast, a home built with a slate or metal roof, which have average life expectancies of 50 or more years, would be likely to generate a higher payout after the filing of a replacement claim.

While the exterior components of a roof are important, so are the interior pieces. Houses with substantial insulation, underlayment and radiant barriers may be valued higher by the insurance company.

In addition to the risk level of the roof's exterior surface, an insurance company will also evaluate the quality of the roof's construction when underwriting a policy. A solidly constructed roof will cost less to insure as it is more likely to hold up to a wind storm or hailstorm that could damage a poorly made roof. The insurance company's agents may examine the interior side of the roof from the attic as well as the exterior parts of the roof, including the downspouts, rain gutters, fascia, soffits, vent openings and shingles or tiles.

When deciding on the materials for a roof replacement project, homeowners may want to contact their agents first and get a detailed quote of what reimbursement values would be based upon each material type that the homeowner is considering.

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