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Miramar Beach Roofing: Article About Replacing Cracked Roof Tiles

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Many homeowners love the look of traditional clay tiles, but they do present a unique set of problems. Clay tiles have been used for centuries and have certainly proven to be both a durable and sustainable type of roofing material; however, even with their reputation of lasting for well over a hundred years, clay tiles can also be quite fragile if not treated properly.

For example, when a homeowner hires a technician to install a television antenna, satellite TV, solar panels or any other apparatus that requires roof access, it is imperative that the technician understands the importance of not walking directly on the clay roofing tiles. These tiles can easily be cracked by one misplaced foot and replacing damaged tiles is not a simple DIY endeavor.

Any time clay tiles need to be replaced, an experienced Miramar Beach roofing contractor should be hired. It is important that the tile is replaced properly in order to prevent leaks and water damage. The first thing the roofing contractor will need is a similar tile. Not only should the tile match the rest of the roof in design, profile and color, but it should also be made from the same material. Today, roofing tiles are available in concrete, metal, clay and even synthetic materials.

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These tiles are not interchangeable.

Once the contractor has the right type of tile, they will be able to begin the process of repairing the cracked tile. Of course, locating cracked tiles can be a frustrating experience because water can travel a long way before it begins to leak through to the roof deck; however, a reputable contractor will be able to find the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

The tiles surrounding the cracked tile that requires replacing will need to be lifted or removed in order to allow the old tile to be extracted and the new tile inserted in its place. It is important that this process is handled very carefully in order to avoid damage to the surrounding tiles or roof underlayment. Once the new tile is in place, the surrounding tiles can be replaced, making sure that they are inserted properly. The tiles must all overlap in order to ensure a watertight seal.

A professional roofing contractor with experience installing tile roofs will offer quality results. It is imperative that all tiles are seated properly in order to prevent water leaks or damage during high winds.

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