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Miramar Beach Roofing: Article About Prolonging The Life Of A Roof

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Many homeowners know that a new asphalt roof can have a lifespan of anywhere from 15 to 18 years. However, if homeowners take care of their roofs by properly maintaining them, they could potentially last even longer. A Miramar Beach roofing contractor can provide regular roof inspections and give advice for maintaining the integrity of the roof.

Many homeowners do not view their gutter systems as being part of their roofing systems. However, the gutters are an extremely important component. They guide the water that rolls down the roof away from the home's foundation. If the gutters become clogged with leaf litter, water can overflow during rainstorms. Overflowing water can seep back into the roofing materials and down into the living space. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that homeowners routinely remove any dirt or debris that has made its way into the gutters and downspouts.

Leaf litter and other organic materials that affect the gutter system comes from the roof. In many cases, homes situated beneath low hanging trees are more likely to be affected. It is recommended that homeowners remove the dirt and debris at the end of the heating and cooling seasons and after heavy rain or windstorms. This can be done using a leaf blower, a roof leaf rake and a garden hose.

The roofing experts at Art Construction of Miramar Beach can assist you with any questions regarding windows or doors.

The amount of leaf litter that falls onto the roof can be reduced by pruning back trees and other vegetation that is hanging over the roof.

If the conditions are right, moss may grow on the roof shingles. Moss can cause damage to the roof as it traps water, which can then seep into the living space. There are roof products available that can kill the moss. It is recommended that homeowners look for products made from potassium salts of fatty acids rather than zinc sulfate, which is toxic. Once the roof is clean and free of moss, homeowners can have a zinc strip installed along the roof ridge, which will prevent the moss from returning.

Finally, one of the most important things that homeowners can do to prolong the life of their roof is to have a trusted roofing contractor inspect their roof once or twice a year. The roofer will look for weak spots that could potentially lead to leaks and provide a fix for those issues before they become real problems. The roofer may also remove any debris that could not be reached.

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