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Commercial roof leaks can be a major hassle to fix. The good news is that some leaks can be prevented by knowing which areas of a roof are prone to leaking. A Miramar Beach roofing professional can check these areas during regular maintenance of the roof. By keeping on top of small problems and repairing them promptly, steps can be taken that will save money in the long run.

When a roof ages, there are specific areas that should be checked for signs of leaks. The first place to look for roof leaks is near any roof penetrations. Any roof accessories, such as chimneys or vents where the surface of the roof had to be cut and flashing installed, are a common source of leaks as a roof ages. Building owners should inspect the seams and sealants surrounding roof penetrations regularly for any signs of leaks. Roof drains can become problematic when rainfall overflows the drain's seal. It is wise to have drains that are big enough to handle heavy amounts of rain, and they need to have a screen cover that will stop any debris from falling down into the pipe and clogging it.

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The drain should be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage of the screen. A slope to the roof also helps to prevent water from pooling around the drains.

The best way to avoid leaks is to minimize the number of items that are penetrating the roof membrane. If horizontal items need to be anchored to the roof, try to have them anchored to the roof curb if possible, rather than through the roofing materials. Leaks also can become a problem at the perimeter of the roof where the roofing system transitions to other materials. The sealants at these spots should be inspected regularly. Also, make sure to remove any debris on the roof that can lead to punctures in the roofing membrane, which in turn will allow water to penetrate, causing water damage to insulation and the roof deck itself.

In addition to inspecting the exterior surface of the roof, the space on the inside of a building, immediately below the roof, should be inspected regularly for early signs of leaks and water damage. Any dark spots or signs of mold should be investigated and addressed.

No roof will last forever. But by identifying areas on the roof that are prone to developing problems with leaking, building owners can take cost effective steps to prevent roofing problems.

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