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Imagine standing on top of the average roof on a July day. Many rooftops are blistering hot under the sun because they absorb a large amount of the sun's rays and convert that into excess heat. This heat permeates down into the structure below, turning attics into roasting ovens and forcing air conditioners to work much harder than they should. A home or commercial building can enjoy energy savings by investing in a cool roof design. A Miramar Beach roofing professional can help an owner to add a cool roof or remodel an existing roof.

Cool roof designs are varied, but they all follow some basic building principles. The first principle is materials. Naturally heat resistant or reflective materials, such as tile or aluminum, are used when creating a new roof or replacing an existing roof with different material. A less expensive strategy for remodeling can involve painting or covering over an existing roof with reflective materials or even just a lighter shade of paint. Roof materials that are lighter in color are naturally more reflective and energy efficient. Dark or black shingles, such as the common bitumen shingle, are among the worst for energy efficiency.

The expert roofers from Art Construction of Miramar Beach can assist you with any questions regarding insulation or windows.

Green roofing or sustainable roofing designs may also double as a cool roof. The natural plant matter and dirt included in most sustainable roofing can hold and evaporate water, creating a natural cooling effect to remove excess heat. The dirt layer also serves as natural insulation, reducing the need for artificial insulation below the roof. Depending on the design, a green roof can also double as an accessible outdoor space that is very enjoyable in urban areas.

Choosing what to put beneath a roof is also important. Quality insulation below a roof makes it more difficult for heat to permeate down into the house. Insulation is often skipped in warmer climates in order to cut construction costs, but insulation ends up being a money saving choice in the long term no matter the climate.

There are many advantages to installing an energy efficient roof. Houses with such roofs are more comfortable in hotter months and make a home generally more resistant to temperature changes outside. This translates to less of a need for air conditioners, fans and heating units at all times of the year. Installing a cool roof or remodeling an existing roof a to a cool design may be more expensive than other options, but the future savings will be worth the costs upfront.

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