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The idea of window replacement does not instantly spring to mind when the subject of Miramar Beach roofing companies arises, but some of these companies do this project, alone or in conjunction with roofing projects.

High quality replacement windows increase homeowners' comfort levels in two ways: preventing heat from escaping and preventing heat from getting in. This sounds contradictory at first glance, but it actually has a solid scientific basis related to the way heat enters and leaves a house.

The basics involve understanding a bit of the science behind Low E glass. The term Low E stands for low emissivity.

Light and heat from the sun occupies many different wavelengths. Some of these wavelengths represent visible light, but others exist in infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Visible light represents only a small portion of the energy from the sun. Low E glass manages heat from the invisible spectrum to supply significant energy saving benefits.

Low E glass has an invisible coating of one of two types, depending on whether the emphasis is on keeping heat out or keeping heat in determines which type of coating a window receives. These coatings have no impact on the amount of visible light coming through a window.

The two types of coating used are passive Low E coatings and solar Low E coatings.

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Applied to freshly made glass while the glass is still warm, passive coatings perform best in cold climates. This type of coating allows the sun's short wavelength infrared energy to pass through the glass and heat interior spaces.

Solar Low E coatings, on the other hand, perform better in mild to hot climates where maintaining interior coolness is the desired benefit. Applied to room temperature glass and then sealed, solar coatings block long wavelength radiation from entering.

Modern replacement windows often feature two panes of glass with an airspace and an insulating spacer between them. This means four surfaces receive solar coatings. Surface one faces outdoors, surfaces two and three face each other, and surface four faces inside the structure.

Both passive and solar coatings resist weather and cleaning on the two exposed surfaces.

Low E glass has enjoyed widespread acceptance to the extent that many manufactures build all of their replacement windows with it. Quite simply, it works and provides energy savings over the lifespan of the window that far exceed the slight additional initial cost, making them an ideal choice for any home or building in any climate.

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