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Choosing a commercial roof that's right for the budget can also translate into doing what's right for the environment. Today's commercial roofing market abounds with energy efficient, long lasting and planet saving options, from cool roof coatings to rooftop gardens. Finding the perfect roof for a building takes a little research and some in depth discussions about goals and needs with a trusted Miramar Beach Roofing expert.

With fluctuating energy costs, it's often difficult for businesses to forecast realistic utility expenses. Installing a roof that requires less dependence on energy companies can help cushion that uncertainty and provide boundless savings. Cool roofs and cool roof coatings are often the answer to this dilemma, reducing rooftop temperatures and preventing accumulated roof heat from transmitting to the building below. This saves building owners about 15 percent on utility bills. There are also a number of other roofs that reduce roof temperatures and solar heat transmittance, including vegetated, tile, metal and blue roofs.

Installing solar panels or solar shingles on top of a cool roof further preserves a building's energy use and generates power for the building below. Overall, companies can expect to save 15 to 25 percent on utilities with a solar roof. Plus, with solar roof costs rapidly declining and leasing and power purchase agreements expanding payment options, photovoltaic roofing is supremely affordable.

The expert roofers from Art Construction of Miramar Beach can assist you with any questions regarding doors or insulation.

If durability is the goal, facility managers should look at the proven performance of metal, tile and slate roofing. Longer lasting roofs are great for the budget because they delay the need to replace a roof, and they're good for the environment because they decrease the amount of resources used in manufacturing. Roof lifespans exceed 50 years, which is about two to four times longer than many other roofs. They are also easily recycled into new roofs and other useful products, which reduces landfill and disposal fees when it's time to replace the roof.

Depending on the local climate, managing rainwater runoff may also be an important roof function. In those cases, many building managers turn to vegetated green roofs or water storing blue roofs. In addition to reducing energy usage by about 20 percent, green roofs absorb precipitation and control its descent into stormwater rainwater systems. Blue roofs also provide cooling benefits and better manage rainwater runoff. For companies looking to capture rainwater, various available water collection systems can be added to just about any kind of low slope roof and can provide significant savings on water and drainage costs.

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