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Miramar Beach Roofing: Article About Common Myths About Metal Roofs

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Many homeowners who are searching for an alternative to asphalt roofs have shown interest in installing a metal roof. If the roof structure can support it, experienced Miramar Beach roofing experts may suggest that installing this type of roof would benefit the homeowner. However, many myths are circulating about metal roofs that may mislead homeowners.

Some homeowners believe that metal roofs are noisy when it rains. For some, this is what they are looking for. Others, however, are steered away from metal roofs due to the alleged noise. It may surprise many homeowners that metal are not noisy at all; in fact, they are often quieter than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. This is because the solid sheathing that has been installed under the metal roof keeps the metal from vibrating.

Because metal roofs are made from metal, it makes sense that lightning strikes would appear to be a real risk. However, lightning is not necessarily drawn to metal roofs. Even if lightning strikes a metal roof, the material is not combustible. Essentially, the electricity would simply travel along the material until it finds its way to the ground.

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Homes that have installed wood shingles or other similar materials are actually more at risk for catching fire than homes with metal roofs.

Most homeowners know that metal, when left out in certain conditions, tends to form rust. Thus, it is commonly thought that metal roofs are prone to rust and degradation. Today's metal roofs, however, have been treated with a metallic coating that is often made from zinc and aluminum. These two elements prevent the metal roof from coming into contact with moisture. While traditional asphalt shingles are estimated to last approximately 15 to 20 years, metal roofs are expected to last up to 60 years at the very least.

With traditional asphalt shingles being the most popular material for roofs, some homeowners who may be interested in installing a metal roof may not do so due to the idea that the home's resale value will plummet. This is not the case. Because metal roofs do not require much maintenance and have a much longer lifespan than their asphalt counterparts, it is thought that homeowners may add back half the cost of the roof when they decide it is time to sell the home. Those who are looking to purchase a new home are much more likely to buy a piece of property that requires less maintenance.

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