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Built-up roofing is a type of roofing used only on flat roofs or roofs with a very shallow slope. Because these roofs do not shed water as well as roofs with steeper slopes do, it is very important that the roofing be waterproofed. Built-up roofing is made of three to five layers of various materials. It protects the roof from harmful ultraviolet sun rays better than roll roofing and felt.

Because installing built-up roofing requires hot asphalt to be poured, among other reasons, it is generally only installed by professional Miramar Beach roofing companies. Most contractors guarantee their work for 10 to 20 years. Eventually, built-up roofing will begin to spread or crack. When a built-up roof develops the texture of alligator skin, it is probably time to have it replaced.

Built-up roofing is often found on residential structures with a contemporary design and flat roof. Built-up roofing melts at a higher temperature than roll roofing or felt and therefore works well on structures in Sunbelt states. It is also more stable and safe to walk on than roll roofing or felt. Traditional built-up roofing consists of alternating layers of felt and hot asphalt with a layer of pea gravel on top.

The asphalt for built-up roofing is heated up in kettles before it is spread on the roof using special applicators.

The roofing experts at Art Construction of Miramar Beach can assist you with any questions regarding windows or insulation.

If the roof is not carefully cleared of all water and debris before the asphalt is applied, then the roofing can later come apart from the roof below years before it should. Also, if the roofing is spread too thick the same thing can happen.

As with other types of roofs, it is important to use flashing with built-up roofs. Flashing must be used wherever the roof intersects with a vertical wall creating a place for water to collect and potentially leak into the sheathing. Metal flashing is the best type to use. Also, a cant strip can create a type of water slide to help keep the joint dry.

A modern type of built-up roofing uses plasticized or rubberized bitumen to create a surface that better resists damage by the sun's ultraviolet rays than traditional built-up roofing. A propane torch is required to install built-up roofing with a bitumen membrane; granules or foil are placed on top. This modern rubberized roofing will bend instead of crack when temperatures are extremely hot or cold. Fiberglass can be worked into the materials to make it even stronger.

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