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Because asphalt shingles can be damaged by foot traffic, only a professional roofer should attempt to traverse on top of a home. Walking on shingles cannot be avoided in the event that repair or inspection must take place. For this reason, only a trained and reputable Jacksonville roofing contractor should walk on the roof to avoid further damage. Having basic information about how this should properly be done is helpful to homeowners who need repairs.

Usually, it is during the inspection process that the majority of problems occur due to walking on the shingles. Inspection of the roof involves a determination of where damage has occurred. If the person conducting the inspection is not careful, even more damage can be done to the shingles just from walking on them. The property owner should know a few things before the inspection occurs. Concerns that may exist should be discussed with the contractor or inspector beforehand, and knowing what to ask is very important.

First and most importantly, the property owner should know what kind of shoes will be worn on the roof.

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This seems trivial, but a heavy shoe with a thick tread can tear shingles and cause premature deterioration of granules on the shingles. A lightweight tennis shoe or sneaker is typically the preferred shoe for walking on asphalt roofing.

Even more important is the way the person steps on the roof. Heavy steps with a drag of the foot are incredibly hazardous to the roofing shingles. Instead, light steps with weight on the front part of the foot cause less impact upon the shingles. It is vital to take an up and down step with little or no drag at all. Stepping improperly can and will deteriorate granules, causing shingles to tear. This is also the case for other types of roofing including wooden and architectural shingles.

Walking on the roof is also quite dangerous. Anyone who attempts to walk on a roof should be an experienced professional. Safety is a top consideration for roofers, and all safety procedures should be followed at all times. The roof should only be walked upon if and where there is safe entry. If the building has structural concerns or rotted framing, walking upon the roof is out of the question. No one, professional or amateur, should attempt to walk on a roof in wet or icy conditions. These are unsafe conditions and incredibly risky for anyone.

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