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Homeowners normally look at the cost of shingles, ceramic tiles or metal panels when considering a new roof installation. Although all these materials are top quality choices, there is a more specialized product offered by Jacksonville roofing professionals. PVC or polyvinyl chloride roofing membranes are materials often found on industrial or commercial buildings, but these coverings are also manufactured for residential beauty and functionality.

PVC coverings are specialized to only low slope or flat roofs. Although this architectural design used to be relatively rare, today's residential roofs incorporate many slope types to vary the exterior appearance. Standard shingles cannot cover these flat surfaces because water easily backs up across the surface. Shingles' overlapping design will simply provide an easy pathway for moisture to leak into the home. Because PVC membranes are one continuous covering, leaks are very rare.

These membrane systems aren't one film layer. They're actually several layers thick depending on the property, location and regional weather patterns. Contractors will examine the installation site to accurately estimate how many layers are truly needed for a leak free structure. A basic membrane system uses a base ply layer with a cap sheet.

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The cap is the visible layer, so manufacturers produce these films with a quality look to their surface. All layers are mechanically attached, forming a permanent connection to the rooftop below.

Each PVC layer has its own thickness specifications, which can be explained by the professional. Thicknesses can range from 50 to 80 mil, for instance. The thinner, 50 mil material is for budget friendly considerations. When homeowners don't have high traffic areas on the roof, such as necessary access to an air conditioner unit, a 50 mil membrane would be sufficient. The only foot traffic would be roofers examining the area at least once a year. Installing an 80 mil membrane is preferable for areas with severe weather or high foot traffic rates on the rooftop.

Homeowners don't have to worry about membrane aesthetics because PVC coverings are color matched to the surrounding household exterior. Membranes also have ultraviolet or UV resistance, making them durable against sunlight damage during the years.

Homeowners should interview several contracting companies before selecting a PVC roofing professional. Although standard roof installations may be one company's expertise, they may not have all the skills to apply a PVC installation properly. It's best to research local opinion about several companies to narrow down the contractor search. With past experience and strong educational background, PVC roofing professionals will make a home shine with a brilliant new material installation.

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