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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Understanding Metal Roof Benefits

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Because metal roofs used to be specialized materials for nonresidential uses, many misconceptions about this versatile roof covering existed. Although not all Jacksonville roofing professionals can install metal materials, this installation choice is slowly becoming a favorite among homeowners. Residents should learn about metal roofs and their misunderstood features when they decide on the next roof installation for their property.

A widely spread theory on metal roofs is that they are noisy during rain or hail. Although items striking the metal do make some sound, the materials cushioning the roof from below actually muffle the noise. Underlayment and even old shingles often are placed under a metal roof. These materials reduce noises to the interior, making the rain sound almost the same as a shingle installation would.

Homeowners might compare shingle and metal roof quotes together and marvel at the dramatically different prices. However, these comparisons aren't truly equal. Shingle installations last for 30 years at the maximum. Metal roofs, in contrast, remain functional for about 50 years. If residents divide the overall installation cost by years in service for each material, metal can actually be affordable and reasonable to install.

Concerns over metal roof electrical conductivity have worried possible customers in the past. The idea of lightning striking a metal roof and damaging the home was always a reason to choose shingles instead.

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However, a metal roof is not susceptible to lightning strikes. If lightning does strike a home, it's often an antenna or other conductive metal nearby that takes the main hit. A metal roof can actually make a home safer if lightning strikes, allowing the charge to move to ground quickly without any damage to the structure.

A brand new metal roof appears to be indestructible, giving homeowners the idea that maintenance isn't necessary on these installations. Although metal is strong, it still requires a yearly inspection. Contractors must examine the metal surface for any deterioration, such as rust. Although metal roofs have specialized coatings to fight off deterioration, weathering and humid conditions can damage the surface. Contractors work with treatments and other cleaning agents to keep a roof preserved as perfectly as possible. Even fasteners are checked to verify that the panels are remaining in place with prevailing winds striking the area on a daily basis.

Homeowners should research potential installers for a new roof project well before the anticipated start date. If a standing seam metal roof is desired, for instance, homeowners need time to find and interview experienced companies. Working with an inexperienced contractor increases the possibility for a faulty installation.

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