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Homeowners who are planning to install a new roof should consider all the varieties of shingles on the market. Certain styles can offer the home a greater aesthetic appeal, while others can be a more practical and functional addition to a rooftop. The varieties offered by Jacksonville roofing companies might vary from company to company, but it's smart to be aware of all the options.

Asphalt shingles have the classic look, and they're probably the most popular choice because they are the least expensive. Made from a layer of asphalt and minerals laid on a fiberglass or cellulose backing, they are available in many colors and styles.

Wood shingles, such as cedar shakes, offer a unique look and are equally durable. When choosing with this type of shingle, it's important to understand where the wood is coming from. Some types of wood are stronger than others are, and they will last longer. Those who are concerned about the environment may also want to ask about where the manufacturer gets its wood, as some styles are sourced from old growth forests.

Solar shingles are a good option for those who have been thinking about making use of solar energy, but are unhappy with bulky panels.

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These shingles mimic the look of more traditional styles of shingles, while still serving the function of small solar panels. Anyone interested should ask the company if the alignment of their roof is right for solar shingles.

When many people think of metal roofs, they usually think of large panels extending the full vertical height of the roof. However, it's also possible to obtain smaller metal shingles. These offer the longevity and energy savings that come with a metal roof, while maintaining the more traditional aesthetic that many homeowners appreciate.

Clay tiles are often associated with Spanish or Mission style homes. These have a curved appearance, and many houses in the Southwest feature this type of roofing system. However, it's also possible to get flat clay tiles. These can have a longer lifespan than asphalt shingles while offering a better fit for most contemporary homes.

Slate shingles are made from slate rock. One of the biggest advantages to using this material for the roof is that it can last much longer than other types. Some will come with a warranty that lasts 75 or 100 years. However, the material is expensive and heavy. Not all homes can support a slate roof.

When looking at all the options, most homeowners will choose the style that best fits the style of their home and their budget, and it's always a good idea to consider the benefits of the materials that are a bit unconventional.

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