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When homeowners need a new roof, they have a variety of materials to choose from. Although two thirds of the roofs in America are covered with asphalt shingles, other materials are out there offering increased durability, energy savings and architectural interest. Jacksonville roofing customers who are looking for increased energy efficiency or an alternative to asphalt shingles can talk to a professional roofer who can help them decide which roofing material is best for their home's architecture and the type of weather it typically must endure.

Asphalt roofing shingles have been used to cover American roofs for over a hundred years. With advances in technology, this roofing material can last as long as 50 years, but the shingles used on most roofs are typically rated for about half that. They are relatively lightweight and easy to install. Plus, if one shingle becomes damaged, it is easy to replace only that shingle, making roof maintenance fairly simple. By choosing to recycle the shingles from their old roof and install long life shingles, homeowners can make asphalt roofing a relatively green choice. However, there may be greener options available.

Fiber cement is a building material that has gained popularity in recent years. It is strong, is durable and can be made to resemble almost any other type of roofing material such as shakes, slate or Spanish tile.

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It is fire proof, termite proof and low maintenance. It comes in many colors that are guaranteed not to fade for more than 10 years. Maxitile offers fiber cement roofing tiles that are rated for hurricane force winds up to 190 miles per hour. Some insurance companies offer lower rates to homeowners whose roofs are covered with fiber cement because of the material's ability to withstand much of what tends to ruin a roof. Because the fiber content is generally made from waste materials from the lumber industry or from postconsumer recycled paperboard, production has a low environmental impact. Fiber cement is a good choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Metal roofing has also come a long way from its roots. In the past, a metal roof consisted of using sheets of tin or colored steel to cover the decking. Today, manufacturers use Galvalume to produce metal roofing tiles that are beautiful and durable. They can withstand hurricane force winds and protect the home from fire and insects extremely well. Because metal roofs are an engineered product, they can be made to resemble many of the other traditional roofing materials. The benefit of using metal tiles is that they cost significantly less to install, are lighter than fiber cement and require little or no maintenance for their lifetime. Some manufacturers even offer a lifetime, transferable warranty on their metal tile, making this type of roofing material very cost effective.

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