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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Two Signs Of Potential Roof Leaks

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Few things can threaten the structural integrity of a home more than a leaky roof. Even small leaks that aren't readily obvious can cause a substantial amount of damage. Roof leaks can cause mold, mildew and other moisture related issues. They can also cause wood rot in the home's frame and can impact the house's energy efficiency.

Roof leaks aren't inevitable, however. With some proactive maintenance, most homeowners can avoid serious roof leaks. The key is being able to recognize the red flags.

Two common warning signs indicate that a roof may be susceptible to leaks. They should be obvious in a quick inspection by a Jacksonville roofing company. If either of these warning signs is present, a homeowner should take quick action to prevent further damage.

It's not uncommon for shingles to become damaged over time. Storm damage, water accumulation and even sunlight can all cause shingles to crack. Some shingles just crack and break with age. Damaged shingles need not be cause for concern as long as they are replaced quickly. If they're not replaced, water can seep underneath the shingles through the cracks.

As more water gets in through the crack, more shingles will become damaged, allowing even more water in.

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Eventually, there will be so much water that the layer of roofing under the shingles will crack, and water will start to enter the home.

Spot checking the shingles can prevent this problem. If there are only one or two shingles damaged, a homeowner may want to replace them on their own. However, if an entire group is damaged in one area, then it may be wise to call a roofing professional to see if the damage extends beyond the shingles.

The second sign of damage is in a roof's flashing, which plays an important role in keeping a roof secure. Flashing is the metal that's laid around elements on the roof like the chimney, vents and joints. It's usually used in areas where water could pool and accumulate. The flashing is laid in such a way that it guides the water down towards the gutters.

Even though flashing is made from metal, it can still deteriorate. Sunlight and other weather conditions can cause flashing to break and chip. Over time, it could deteriorate so much that it allows water to come into the home. That can lead to leaking down the side of the chimney or vent and behind the home's walls, causing mold and structural damage.

This damage can be spotted in an inspection and be easily fixed. As with shingles, the important thing is to catch the problem before it becomes too serious. A roofing contractor can identify these issues and quickly repair them to limit further damage.

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