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Jacksonville Roofing: Article About Two Maintenance Tips For Roof Soffits

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Two of the most important elements of any roof are the the soffit and the fascia. The soffit is the bottom part of the roof that overhangs the side of the house. It provides shade in the area just around the house and also has small holes that can allow ventilation into the attic. The fascia is the flat panel of the roof that the gutters are attached to.

While these two components serve important purposes, they are also very susceptible to damage. If the soffit or fascia is damaged, water could enter the home, causing mold, mildew, wood rot and other serious issues.

Fortunately, a little active prevention can go a long way toward preventing this kind of damage. Most Jacksonville roofing companies can perform nearly any kind of soffit or fascia repairs. However, some preventative action can eliminate the need for repairs altogether.

One of the biggest reasons why fascias and soffits become damaged is that the gutters get clogged and weighted down. The gutters may get clogged because of debris in the gutters or drain pipe. Bird nests and other animal related items can also clog gutters.

A clogged gutter causes two problems when it comes to a fascia or soffit.

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First is that the weight of the clog could pull the gutter away from the fascia, creating a gap where water could penetrate the fascia and the soffit.

Another problem is that water may not drain into the gutter appropriately. If the gutter is clogged, water may accumulate on the edge of the roof. That water accumulation could rot the fascia and soffit and eventually get inside the home. A homeowner can significantly reduce the odds of fascia and soffit damage by cleaning the gutters on a regular basis.

Even with clear gutters, it's still possible for some amount of water to get through to the fascia and soffit. Over long periods of time, this moisture exposure could cause the wood to soften, especially on the fascia. If this occurs, the nails that hold the gutter in place could come loose, creating separation between the gutter and fascia. This also creates more opportunity for water to leak into the fascia and soffit.

When cleaning the gutters, a homeowner should check for areas of separation between the fascia and gutter. If there's enough room, the homeowner could poke at the fascia with a screwdriver to see if the wood is soft. If so, it may be necessary to have the fascia replaced before there is more damage.

Damage to the soffit and fascia can lead to serious roof and frame problems. However, proper maintenance can usually prevent these issues.

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