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In the summer, roofs can reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit, turning upstairs rooms and attics into subtropical sweat zones. It makes air conditioners work harder, especially if the doors, windows and skylights in a home are leaky and inefficient. On top of these problems, hot asphalt roofs cause a weather phenomenon called the Urban Heat Island Effect, which is the result of all the homes in a neighborhood absorbing solar radiation throughout the day. Local temperatures go up, and cooling homes becomes more expensive for everyone. Cool roof shingles can reduce rooftop temperatures by 50 degrees by reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it. They work by the same principle that makes light colored clothing cooler to wear in the summer, and they've been popular for thousands of years.

A Jacksonville roofing contractor should have extensive knowledge of cool roof options for shingle and metal roofs as well as the tax rebates and utility rate reductions available. Not all utility companies offer rate reductions, but many providers offer payback programs for homeowners who produce solar energy and install Energy Star approved products and appliances. Energy Star is a program created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to increase awareness of energy consumption.

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The agency's goal is to save consumers money, reduce carbon emissions and decrease spending on oil imports.

Energy Star rated skylights reduce air leakage and improve energy efficiency in several other ways. The label on the front of the package contains the four key ratings that make the skylight efficient. U Factor is the amount of heat transmitted by conduction through the skylight's glazing and frame. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, or SHGC, is a ratio of the amount of heat transmitted by sunlight and the amount of surface area of the glazing. Visible Transmittance, or VT, is the amount of light that passes through the glazing, and air leakage is the amount of air that leaks through gaps in the frame and glazing. Light to Solar Gain is an additional rating that measures the ratio of VT to SHGC.

While air leakage is perhaps the worst cause of high utility bills, and progressively worsens over the lifetime of windows and skylights, other factors must be considered when choosing the size and placement of skylights. Homeowners trying to reduce summer cooling bills should always place skylights on the north side of the roof because this direction provides the best daytime illumination with the least passive heating. Efficient roofing materials reduce air conditioning bills and help living spaces be more comfortable when the sun is at its hottest.

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