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Solar panels have become a popular addition to rooftops across America. Many homeowners are trying to go green, and one of the best ways to do this is by installing solar panels on their roofs. Solar panels need little maintenance and have few minimum requirements. In most instances, a sturdy roof in a sunny area is all a homeowner needs to successfully begin to create their own energy. Homeowners who are interested in taking advantage of the natural power of the sun should contact a Jacksonville roofing contractor to learn more about the benefits of solar panels.

Solar panels have become more affordable as people begin to recognize their value. Their affordability is due to two factors. The first factor involves the fact that many local and state governments offer tax credits and other financial incentives to homeowners who are willing to install solar systems. These tax credits vary and often depend upon the size of the system installed and how much energy it will generate. These tax credits are a great incentive, however, when they are combined with the other discounts and grants available to homeowners with an interest in solar power.

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The second method by which solar powers provide value to the homeowner is through their production of energy. Installing solar panels will help lower energy costs in the home because they harness the power of a free energy source. Homeowners who produce an excess of energy through solar panels can even sell it back to their power company at a profit.

The benefits of solar panels do not end with the financial incentives, however. There are several environmental benefits to going solar as well. Electricity is made by burning fossil fuels, which, in turn, pollutes the air and causes greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing the amount of energy consumed, communities can reduce the amount of pollution and damage that is done to the atmosphere. Less pollution results in cleaner air and water for families and communities. By installing a 5 kW solar system on a home, homeowners can help have a positive impact on the planet. A 5 kW system is the equivalent of taking 22 cars off the road for a year.

Solar panels are reaching new levels of popularity across America. They are especially beneficial in areas that see hundreds of days of sunlight every year. By harnessing a resource that does not need to be mined, refined or extracted, homeowners can protect both their environment and their bank accounts.

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