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One of the most important parts of roof ownership is having yearly inspections. These meetings with Jacksonville roofing contractors can detect damage before it spreads. Shingle damage can take many forms, such as shrinking, warping and indentations from hail. One of the busiest times for roofers is the week after a hailstorm. Shingles are rated for impact resistance, but sometimes they still are damaged by hail. Impact damage can cause leaks or broken shingles, and hail damage can cause shingles to wear out more quickly.

The main reason shingles wear out is rain. Water washing over them removes the natural oils in the asphalt. Signs of worn out shingles include little pieces of gravel around gutters and driveways. Taking a quick look around the perimeter of a house can tell a homeowner if it's time for an inspection. New shingles also shed bits of gravel. Homeowners shouldn't worry about a small amount of sandy particles coming off new roofs. However, many pieces of sand or gravel falling from newly installed shingles are a sign of trouble. It may mean that the shingles are low quality.

It's good to pay careful attention to a new roof installation. Subtle signs of damage may mean that a roofer used substandard shingles. It may seem like a good idea to save money on a roofing project by choosing the contractor with the lowest price, but it often results in poor workmanship.

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Independent roofing contractors may not have the training or certification to offer the best warranties on parts and labor. If they lack adequate insurance, they could put homeowners at risk of injury liability. Homeowners are often quoted low prices on roof repairs after a hailstorm or other catastrophic event. It's hard for many people to pass up these offers, and they frequently result in complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

Large roofing operations are more reliable because they can afford to provide ongoing factory training to their employees. Factory training teaches roofers how to install roofing components, skylights and gutters quickly while the weather is favorable. This project must be performed under tight time constraints, and the best roofers are able to work within families' busy schedules to get the job done on time. Homeowners can be sure they'll get superior service when they hire GAF Master Elite's contractors. Only the top 3 percent of roofers are awarded this prestigious title. It requires contractors to have at least seven years of positive customer feedback that is independently verified by GAF.

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